Curbside arrival detection


Mobile commerce on the go

ARRIVE™ technology will notify your employees just as your customers pull up. Have their order ready and meet them out front or greet them as they walk in.

Know when your customers are coming

On-the-go mobile commerce requires that your stores get alerts every time a customer approaches. Beacons and geofences aren’t reliable for real-world commerce, so the Curbside experts who built iOS’ location services developed ARRIVE™.

beacons vs geofences detection rate

A Perfectly Simple Pickup Experience

Call boxes, cameras and kiosks are clunky and expensive. Designate a pickup location in front of your stores and your customer’s smartphone will let staff know when they’re pulling up to the curb.

Outperforms beacons and geofences

Curbside’s Arrival Detection technology overcomes the unreliability of smartphones in real world conditions. With notification rates that outperform geofences by 32% and beacons by 55% there’s simply no alternative for getting accurate arrival alerts.

BOPIS pick times

Notify employees every time

As customers approach, send notifications to any device or retail system using push notifications, SMS, Webhooks, SNS and more.

Granular tracking and insights

ARRIVE™ provides operations teams with deep analytics to manage service levels and track performance at the store level. Take a tour of Curbside Analytics.

Elevate the shopper experience with accurate arrival detection

Curbside pickup NPS Survey
Shoppers’ willingness to recommend Curbside pickup to others. (National retailer sponsored NPS survey)

Premium Mobile Shopping Experiences

Curbside’s Arrival Detection technology can apply to your many use cases including restaurant take-out, reserve and try-on in-store and more. Learn how other retailers are using ARRIVE™

Same day delivery, simplified

ARRIVE™ builds in delivery capabilities from Uber, Postmates and others, giving store employees a reliable notification when delivery drivers approach. Make order workflow efficient by standardizing handoff to delivery drivers who pull up out front.


Simple to integrate

Add the ARRIVE™ SDK to your iOS or Android mobile app and websites easily with just a few lines of code. Get flexible notifications to any in-store system, POS or device via Webhooks, SMS or by using our SDK.

Set up a customer device to report arrival

[CSUserSession currentSession].trackingIdentifier = unique_customer_id;[[CSUserSession currentSession] startTripToSiteWithIdentifier:@"SITE_ID" trackToken:@"UNIQUE_TRACK_TOKEN"];

Subscribe a device in a store to receive alerts

CSMonitoringSession *monitoringSession = [CSMonitoringSession currentSession];monitoringSession.trackingIdentifier = @"MONITOR_USER_UNIQUE_TRACKING_ID";monitoringSession.statusesUpdatedHandler = ^(NSArray<CSUserStatusUpdate *> *userStatusUpdates) {    // Process User location updates in the app.};[monitoringSession startMonitoringArrivalsToSiteWithIdentifier:@"SITE_ID"];