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Extend Your Digital Store to Popular Apps

Curbside partners with popular apps like Yelp, making your local inventory or menu shoppable by millions of mobile customers.

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Curbside millennial audience

Reach an audience that understands how curbside pickup works

Millennial shoppers are opting for online shopping or same-day delivery. Curbside can bring them back to your store—with instant gratification, convenience, and the latest deals.

Curbside millennial audience

Optimized for SEO

Make your inventory organically searchable via Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Curbside provides structure and taxonomy to ensure your products are indexed high—including URL structures, unique product content such as store reviews and more.

in-store deals online

Product recommendations for your customers

With built-in insights based on customer purchase behavior and preferences, Curbside ensures your customers receive highly relevant recommendations, allowing you to increase cross-sell and upsell rates before checkout.

Deliver the deals they seek

Recapture foot traffic by adding your store to Curbside. Curbside provides a personal domain with updated daily, weekly and monthly deals. And we’ll help promote it on Facebook and Google.

Elevate the shopper experience with accurate arrival detection

Yelp order online and pickup

Powering "buy buttons" for Curbside pickup with trusted partners

Imagine searching for your local CVS on Yelp and natively loading local product content for curbside pickup. Curbside integrates with Yelp, Flipp, Ibotta and others with “curbside pickup” buttons that tap into organic shopper demand. Take a deep dive into how we’ve integrated with each partner—Pinterest, Yelp, Flipp, Facebook Pages, Ibotta and more.

Tap into advertising networks

To reach and engage new customers, Curbside provides tools that allow publishing of local store inventory and product feeds. This makes it easy to advertise with Pinterest, Google Local Inventory Ads, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and more. Find out how Curbside ensures they only display products currently in-stock.

New ways to market to shoppers for brands and retailers

advertise with Curbside

Access to savings for savvy shoppers

Drive new shoppers to brick and mortar stores by offering coupons through digital ads that deep link to product pages with the offer automatically applied. Shoppers get the deal that they want, retailers and brands get higher conversion on products that they want to sell.

Encourage shoppers to add to an open basket

Send customized product level promotional push notifications to shoppers who have already placed an order, but have yet to pick up. Brands and retailers who have done this have seen their average basket size grow by 50%.

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