Online Commerce for Physical Stores with All the Key Features

Curbside makes creating custom order online and pickup experiences easy. Take advantage of our entire tech stack to help jumpstart your omni-channel program.

Curbside Analytics

omnichannel performance

E-commerce analytics with Connect™

Executive summary and dashboard with aggregate views on performance of online orders, pickups and sales. Get a detailed view at the transaction level by product, store, region, platform and device, fulfillment type. Track conversion rates, cart abandonment and more. Integrates with leading tagging and marketing analytics solutions.

omnichannel data

Store performance and inventory metrics with Fulfill™

Measure time between order placed and order ready with detailed insight into order preparation like customer wait times, pick/pack with timestamps for every step in the fulfillment process. Get inventory metrics, out of stocks, substitutions and items fulfilled. All metrics are available at the transaction and store level and aggregated to your districts and regions.

Curbside Analytics Portal

Arrival and location patterns with Arrive™

Get insights on customer ordering locations, proximity to store, times of arrival alerts, dwell time on premises and exact data on when orders were transferred.

Granular detail of all customer trips made at a single physical store or group of stores with stats like alert and arrival to completion times with comparisons to historical trends by hour, day, or week.

Drill down to each user with a playable timeline of tracked routes, device, OS Version and carrier information that makes troubleshooting easy.

omnichannel repeat rate chart

Measure marketing and promotion effectiveness with Engage™

View aggregate performance of order, sales and engagement by channel, customer, and promotion code. View new customer signup data. Track effectiveness of promotions on a daily, weekly, monthly cadence. Understand customer engagement with loyalty program like opt-in and opt-out rates. Allows for customer matching with retailer database to understand incremental orders and net new customers to file driven to physical store locations.

Export API to access all the necessary data

Curbside provides an API to transmit granular, transaction-level data on a frequent update cycle for your Business Insights team. Slice and dice data in a multitude of ways to identify new ways to optimize, scale and improve your program.